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Ethoss Dental Bone Graft



Summary of the Product

From the start, EthOss was developed with the needs of dentists in mind. It goes beyond grafts and artificial scaffolds to deliver True Host Bone Regeneration. EthOss is proven to grow new bone faster, with low reported pain. Since its launch in 2015, its popularity among dentists and patients has grown just as fast, fuelled by our online Growth Academy. Designed and developed by clinicians in the UK, EthOss is available worldwide.

Born from a desire to move beyond traditional “GBR”, donor grafts and artificial scaffolds, EthOss® was created to pioneer True Host Bone Regeneration in dentistry and oral surgery. The initial concept was simple: “the body wants to heal, let’s work with it”. This was key to the development of EthOss – a grafting material which works with the body, upregulating the host healing response to regenerate lost bone. Founded by Dr Peter Fairbairn, a world-renowned clinician, and Dr Paul Harrison, a leading bone regeneration industry expert, the company has grown significantly since being founded in 2013 and is now a global brand.


Ethoss’ Innovative Approach is a step forward in several days:

  • Simpler: Its built –in calcium sulphate binder helps stabilize the graft and prevent soft tissue ingress, eliminating the need for an added collagen membrane.


  • Safer: Ethoss is 100 % synthetic. There is no human or animal content, so there is no risk of cross-contamination.


  • Easier: Ethoss comes in a handy syringe applicator, in three sizes – 0.25cc, 0.50cc and 1cc. It’s easy to mix and quick to apply and because it keeps its volume well, there is no need for over –packing.


  • Stronger: Ethoss is fully absorbed into the body, as its replaced by new healthy host bone.


EthOss® is intended to fill, augment, or reconstruct bony defects of the oral and maxillofacial region including:






EthOss is a combination of 65% ß Tricalcium Phosphate and 35% Calcium Sulphate. This innovative combination is key to its’ success.

Why ß-Tricalcium Phosphate ( ß -TCP )?

ß-TCP has been used medically for many years and is widely researched and trusted, with several benefits which make it particularly suitable for dentistry:

  • Full resorption in line with the rate of new host bone formation

• Osteoconductive