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Upcoming Events

Course in Advanced Implantology / Oral Surgery

In 20 & 21 September 2024, Delta Dent Academy is hosting the next high level course in advanced implantology/oral surgery for all dentists from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and other countries as well. The Course will be divided in two modules:  theory part + hands on and the main topics which will be covered during the sessions are as follows:

- Soft tissue grafting on teeth and implants.

- Coronally advanced flap.

- Free gingival graft.

- Subepithelial connective tissue graft.

- Taking care about donor site and receving site.

- Crown lengthening, aesthetic and functional reasons

- Gummy Smile.

- Uncovering implants with SCTG.

- Vista Technique.

- Tunneling Technique.

The course will be leaded by Dr. Ricardo Kern, the well known periodontist which his focus is in demanding discipline of soft tissue design and reconstruction, and Dr. Radoslaw Jadach first doctor in Poland to apply a pre-orthodontic decortication procedure using piezoelectric device and first created a classification of anatomical indications for the treatment of maxillary sinus floor elevation with access from the hard palate. He focuses on microsurgery techniques and extensive soft tissue reconstructive surgery for the purpose of alveolar implantology.

The course will be held at the premises of Delta Dent, Tirana/Albania.

The course fees are as follows:

Only Lecture : 400 Euros

Only Hands On : 1600 Euros

Lecture + Hands On = 2000 Euros

For any kind of assistance  please contact us via events@deltadent.com.al or +355 69 946 6661

Delta Dent, Tirana, Albania
Sep 20, 2024
09:00 AM


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