Our Services


Delta Dent is offering a diversity of dental products and equipment in Albania and region, importing them from the prestigious companies all around the world. We are offering reasonable and very good prices based on the capacity and competition of the Albanian market. Our concept of sales is based in presentation of the product or equipment first and most important thing is maintenance of customer relationship. Except Albania, Delta Dent is providing sales in the region as well. We accept orders via our contact channels such as phone calls or emails and our agents are always in disposal for distribution into your store.


Delta Dent is well known for its promotion strategy, meanwhile it is offering promotions for their clients. We are working continuously to bring new companies in Albanian market, so always promotion of the products and equipment will be a top priority for our clients. It means that our clients will receive special prices for every existing product and the new ones as well.  Product promotions will include sales and discounts for a limited amount of time on products we wish to move quickly.

Maintenance & Repairing

Except the sales part, Delta Dent is offering maintenance and repairing for its equipment. Once our materials and items have to be fixed in certain points, we have our specialists in disposal for these type of services. Our specialists make possible to find any product malfunction on time and repair them immediately, thus ensuring proper function.

For maintenance and repairing issues, do not hesitate to contact us via: +355 69 329 2406

Training & Events

Recently, Delta Dent is focused in organizing training and conferences for the dentists, students and professionals engaged in the dentistry field. In cooperation with our partners from all over the world, we are bringing innovative practices in order to improve dentists professionally in dental sector and their skills. Already, Delta Dent have prepared a strategy in organizing events and training for all dentists, students and professionals in Albania and other countries, and for us this is a significant start toward dental tourism.  The programme for training and events include a diversity of activities and practices from our specialists and the experts from our partners all over the world. The whole concept is based in exchange opportunities between dentists and those who are engaged in dental industry, and to build bridges between each other in order to develop this sector as much as we can.